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Accumulator Bets Explained

The higher the odds of each selection, the higher the total payout for your accumulator. Bet365 is known for having enhanced odds, especially when it comes to accumulators. Enhanced odds will allow you to maximise your winnings and walk away with more than you would normally if your acca is successful. If your accumulator is currently winning whilst the selections are still currently playing, your cash-out price may be in profit and you can either just take the money or see it out. Once your acca has begun and the selections are underway, bet365 will offer you the chance to cash out whilst the acca is in-play. Then place the selections you want into your bet slip and place the bet.

A straight forecast or computer straight forecast is a wager requiring the naming of two selections a and b to finish 1st and 2nd in the correct order in a specified event. Usually declared on horse and greyhound races of three or more runners. Equivalent to the USA exacta or perfecta, or the Canadian exactor.

Bookies are more than happy to entice people to place such bets as the margin on losing wagers more than covers these promos. Most bets are bad value and combining several bad value bets into one accumulator multiplies that, as we have seen. So, whilst bookies love punters who place accumulators, you will rarely see true professionals placing such bets.

In short, an accumulator is a bet that has three or more legs. In horse racing terms, an accumulator would have three or more horses from different races combined into one bet. Each of those horses would need to win to return a profit, as one losing leg will bring down the entire accumulator.

What we would advise, however, is to at least have some understanding of probability and to be aware of how the bookie’s margin multiplies. Picking one winner at very short odds should be easy and if you back Man City at home against Burnley at 1/6, the chances are you will win. You should remember that around 15% of the time you won’t win but yes, the vast majority of the time you will win.

This type of bet can be a great addition to an accumulator, as it allows you to find value on a match in which you are unsure who will win. It can be tempting to beef up your accumulator by throwing in all sorts of games from across the world or scouring the lower leagues. However, you should always stick to competitions you are familiar with, while avoiding exotic betting markets that have the potential to scupper your bet. Stick to classic markets such as ‘outright winner’ selections, ‘draw no bet’ or ‘both teams to score’ when building an accumulator. You can find more information on alternative types of accumulators below. In comparison, if you placed separate single bets on these races, at the same odds, you would still spend $4 in total ($1 stake on each bet).

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